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How to pose during a family photoshoot

You don't know how to pose at the photos? It's ok.

First thing you need to know that hardly anyone does. The photographer will help you get the best angles and guide you through the process during your family photoshoot.

If you want to learn some posing tips before your session here is what you need to know:

  1. The more curves the better

Try to avoid straight lines while being photographed . Slightly bend your knees and albows, shift your hips to the side.

2. Turn a little bit

Instead of facing forward turn tree quarters in a profile to the camera.

3. Move

Use a trick from professional models who are in a constant motion during the photoshoot. Ones we stay still out body gets too stiff and that shows on the photo. When we move on the contrary we look more relaxed and natural on the photo.

4. Trust your photographer

Remember that no one is expecting you to pose like a professional model and during a portrait family photoshoot your photographer will guide you through the presses, tell you how to stand, what to do with your hand and where to look

5. Have fun

Nothing looks better on the photo then a person who is enjoying herself and people around.

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