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About me

Hi! My name is Iryna. I love ocean, sunsets and happy people.

Born and raised in Ukraine I got my masters degree in architecture and practiced it for 10 years. Architectural background gave me a lot of experience and skills, like knowledge of composition laws, coloristic, understanding how natural and artificial light works and many other information useful in all kinds of visual art.

My path to photography started in 2006 when I got my first DSLR camera.
It used to be a hobby as well as traveling and reading psychology books.
I’ve traveled across Europe, Africa and a little bit of Asia. Finally my journey brought me to North America and it was love from the first sight. Beautiful nature, friendly people and spectacular sunrises over the east cost ocean shore fell deeply in my hart and I decided to stay here in South Carolina.
I was always interested how human emotions work, read dozens of books on this subject, written by ancient and modern philosophers and philologists, but none of them gave complete answers. This interest dragged me closer to portrait photography. As a family photographer, capturing in the frame baby’s laughing face, warm look of mother aimed at her baby, tangled hands of a loving couple, all this tells me so much more then any words ever written, helps to seize those precious moments and makes them last forever.

People told me I can see the beauty, where others can’t. Wrinkled hands of a hardworking man, body of a mother, pile of trash that happened to fall in perfectly balanced angle, everyone and everything is beautiful from some point of view and I became a portrait photographer to share mine with you. 
Hope you’ll enjoy it.

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