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As much as I love the beach vibe it doesn't necessarily work for everyone.

Here are 3 signs you might need to choose another location for a photoshoot rather than beach:

  1. You want your photos that look Exactly like you references.

Beach photoshoot is outdoor and lighting conditions change every day and change throughout the photo session. Sometimes it's cloudy, sometimes sunny. Adding artificial light is not always a possibility. Even photos from beginning of the portrait session and the end would have different lighting therefore different look.

2. You can't stand the wind in your hair.

It is often windy at the beach on Hilton Head Island. As a photographer I always recommend considering hairstyles with the hair put back. I also bring some hair pins with me for quick adjustments. However some people prefer to only have the hair loose and don't like how they look when the wind blows their hair . Unfortunately in that case there is nothing we can do about the weather conditions and considering a location inland's would be a great option.

3. You have a very tight schedule

Being on the island in subtropical climate it rains A Lot on Hilton Head island at the summertime. It rarely last long so most of the time we are able to reschedule the photoshoot within a few hours but if you know you only have one hour of availability and you would not be able to reschedule the photoshoot if needed maybe considering a studio photoshoot would be a better option.

If you are easygoing , like having fun, lifestyle candid photos that capture the moment the beach photos with you family on Hilton Head is a must have!


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