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How to dress up for the photo shoot part 1

Updated: Dec 15, 2020


▪️Contrast colors work really good if you want a WOW effect. Think about the location you’re going to shoot at. For example if you’re in the green woods red or burgundy will make you stand out at the picture, or if you’re at the creamy yellow sand beach, blue shades will work just great ! ▪️Think about what mood you want to get at your pictures. If you want it to be natural looking, organically blended in the environment choosing related colors might be your choice. It would also look awesome! ▪️For those who have hard time imagining which colors are contrast and which are related I add a picture reminder below. Looking at this chromatic spectrum you can choose opposite colors for contrast and those situated nearby would be related.

▪️Use color accents. Coming back to contrast. It’s not necessary your whole outfit. You can be wearing little black dress or simple linen white shirt and combine it with bright hat, lipstick or other accessories and it’ll still drag eyes yo you. ▪️ If you have family or couple photo shoot, match your colors. You can go easy and choose similar shades for everyone, like white shirts and blue jeans. Or you can try to play a bit like the girl on a photo above. This is an expele where all the “rules” where used just great, in my opinion. Red dress looks awesome in the green park. It drags attention to the main figure on picture right away. Her son is wearing blue , which matches both green and red. This is so called triadic scheme. If you place an imaginary triangle on chromatic sphere, you’ll get colors working good together as well . And as a cherry on a cake the boy is wearing red bow tie, that is a color accent and a “connection” between his and hers outfits. ▪️If you don’t feel color coordinating, not a problem! Choose white or black, it looks good everywhere at all times! ⬛️⬜️ Read the following post to learn more about dressing up for photo shoot. Thank you for reading! I’d love to now what you think about it. What color suits you best?


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