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how to dress up for photoshoot part 3

Updated: Dec 15, 2020


▪️ Accessories are good when used deliberately. If you’re not sure better wear less. A pair of neat earrings and a wedding ring can be all that you need

▪️ Remember visual tricks from my last post? Use all the do’s and don’ts for accessories too. A belt on the waist can emphasize it. Hanging pendant can drag attention to décolleté at the same time dark horizontal neckless can “cut” the head of.

▪️Think what you want this picture to be about. If a subject doesn’t fit in the topic, don’t wear it. For example if it’s your business portrait a watch would be pertinent. Having it on the beach or family photo session on the other hand would be less appropriate.

▪️Separately I want to talk about glasses. Of course if you can’t see without them at all you should wear them, nobody wants you to get hurt. Otherwise take them off for the shot. They say eyes are mirrors of the soul and they bring life to photography so let’s keep them open.

▪️ Leave your belongings car or at home. I know some bags look awesome and worths taking pictures of them. But if its not a fashion shoot better keep that stauff of the frame.

Thank you for reading! Write in comments what’s the best to wear for photo shoot in your opinion.


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