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Preparing for beach elopement

If you decided to elope ar the beach here are the few things you need to know while getting ready:

  1. Timing

When considering a beach elopement remember that the best time for outdoor beach photos is early morning and evening. While the staged photos can be taken any time because we can compensate the shadows with additional lighting and proper angles, candid ceremony shots might not look as nice as they could if you will have dark shadows under your eyes cast by midday sun.

  1. The wedding dress

Light and flowy fabric would be a great for a beach. You would look very romentic at your elopement photos. Shortened wedding dress like on the bride on these photos is also a good choice. It would give you an opportunity to walk by the water without getting your wedding dress wet and dirty.

  1. Makeup

Make sure to let your makeup artis know you are having a beach wedding and ask for mattifying powder. It gets really warm at the beach and we want to avoid unnecessary oily sheen on your wedding pictures. If you want to add some shine, use shimmer or highlighter on top.

  1. Hair

Hairstyle that would take away the hair from your face would look great but make sure not to overdo the hair spray and let it flow a little bit to avoid it looking unnatural if it will not move at all.

  1. Mood

Have fun and enjoy the beach vibe.

Nothing makes a bride as beautiful as a happy smile and a loving look.



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