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Movies that inspire me

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

▪️August Rash 

One of my favorite movies about a gifted little boy who’s talent and trust in himself helped him to find his parents in the big city.

▪️The pursuit of happiness 

Movie based on a true story about a father that wouldn’t give up fighting no matter how hard it was and remained supporting  for his son. Now being a mother I realize even more how important it is to have an inner core that’ll keep you strong in the storm for yourself and those responsible for.

▪️Wolf Of Wall Street

Maybe not the best example of deep moral values but a pretty good example of a person who would think outside the box and go to his goal. Based on a memoirs of a famous broker.

▪️The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Love this one. It’s about a men who turned his predictable gray weekdays into exiting adventure. Keynote of the movie for me is #neverstopexploring the world.

▪️The theory of everything

Stephen Hawking is my hero. Not only his priceless impact into science and the power of spirit he should have had to live with  all the difficulties life has put him through, but also his open mind and the questions he asked is what makes me admire him so much. The movie is about the begging of his way as a scientist.


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